Open your eyes

The truth is out there


This is just another internet conspiracy fan

All the regular folks agree.

Thats what keeps 21st century civilization going, people happily acknowlege that alternative, non mainstream views are always hogwash, there has never been any conspiracy happening outside of the public eye. Our leaders are entirely too trustworty.

Of course there will never be such a thing as a world war. Can you imagine many of the industrialized first world nations fighting a global war on many fronts, with possibly the actual use of nuclear weapons on inhabitted cities?? Of course not, thats rediculous. Civilization is just too, well, civilized for that.

Really, don't sweat it, the human race is incapable of conspiracy, and politicians never tell lies publically. There is absolutely nothing happening behind government doors that we aren't instantly and truthfully informed about in all instances. There will never be a president booted out of office because of some coverup of facts concerning some nonexistent "conspiracy" regarding criminal acts. Politicians just don't do this sort of thing.

Nothing to see here folks. Just another wacky conspiracy fan!