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He has lost all credibility

He has lost all credibility

Creepy stories about tractor trailers filled with asphyxiated Taliban soldiers being buried in the desert by American troops circulated on the fringes of the news. --A story which turned out to be true. Few cared.

This is why I take everything the European America-haters say with a grain of salt. Fantastic Lad, can you please cite where it says anywhere in the article that the dead Taliban were buried by American troops? At best the article suggests that a handful of special forces were in the vicinity and *may* have been informed by Dotsum's men of the screw-up. So fucking what?

Why are the america-haters so intent on finding US soldiers guilty of war crimes that they feel the need to lie, exaggerate, and take everything out of context?

You know people, if you have a problem with America, if you think we have ulterior motives, if you think we secretly want to conquer the world, if you think we are war-mongers, if you think we are brutal lying war-criminals, then FINE! But expose the truth, don't fucking make it up! If you fabricate stories then how are you any better than those who you accuse of lying and conspiring?

My response to article's critics

He did not lay out an explicit conspiracy theory. The balance of his article was to point out that many of the "facts" we accepted about the last two years barely, if at all, carry the weight of truth in them, and that's disturbing.

However, as a scientist (or just a critical human being), you cannot say that this is the only possible interpretation. He never explicitly states "I am behind 9/11", so it's also possible that he's referring to another attack. It's also possible that he's lying about taking credit for it; he has stated that in other appearances, he is not responsible for the attack (but does condone it). I don't speak Arabic(?) so I can't verify that the translation is correct. What I find peculiar, well, not peculiar, disturbing, is that the U.S. will not release the physical tape itself for public review. This makes it harder to either verify the popular interpretation, or refute it.

(I do have a gut feeling that he's responsible, but I'm not content to act on gut feelings).

I don't agree with the article's conclusion. Georg e W. Bush is almost assured to lose reelection short of a miracle (God, I hope its name isn't Arnold Schwarzenegger). Democrats, like them or not (I hate them), do encourage investor and consumer confidence--certainly moreso than the secretive, high-contrast, uncompromising current administration does--so this can lay a good foundation for economic recovery and put a halt to our deflationary march. And since Democrats are pansy lightweights, they'll have plenty of common ground with which to rebuild our alliances with Europe.