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The truth is out there

Articles like these

It's articles like these

that force spooks flood the 'net with more conspiration theories so that meaningful or too-close-to-truth ones get lost in the jungle of misinformation and genuine crackpots. ;)

Really, this is excellent sum-up for so many things and reminder for the possibility of inside terrorism what powers-that-be use to manipulate their own citizens. This is what conspiration theories are made of, just keep that in mind and do not rule any possibilities out permanently. In many times, the masses are last to know when something goes terribly wrong.

Our enemies are not so much the subjects of our writings but these readers who flame and mock telling us to close our eyes, live happily, do our job as little parts of greater machine and Believe What We're Told.

In some sense, this kind of writing might be seen as revolutionary, confusing people and rising doubts against anything authoritative but that's what we wanted, equality and same rights for all even for gullible fools.

I'm personally interested looking which and how replies and articles are either constructive making conclusions, summing and clarifying up things, or destructive raising doubts, discrediting sources and blanding arguments without replacing them with other, more sensible arguments.