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A new one approach

that this article appears on the same day I bought (and read, yes) Michael Moore's new book, Dude Where's My Country, but very convenient since I can make some comments about the book here.

a) The guy is a genius. Because of points b) to g).

b) It deals with a lot of the things touched in this article, September 11th especially.

c) It is a lot scarier in terms of the questions and concerns raised than this article and at the same time a lot more precise and down to the point.

d) Especially the connections of Bush to the family and the evidence provided are absoutely hair-raising.

e) It also addresses points addressed by some of the comments here such as the ever-ranting critics of liberalism etc.

f) It's logical, rational and funny. I'm again amazed how this guy manages to do that.

g) It's not all negative as opposed to the article above, very constructive criticism.

h) If you live in Melbourne, Australia, email me for the cheapest place to get it. (Aus$ 23 or even for free)

i) Of course, if you haven't read the book, you are not invited to discuss it.