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The truth is out there

Hmm, Laughable

A good many of your facts are wrong(nobody was arrested in the anthrax case? Yeah, right...), some have been rendered uninteresting by subsequent happenings obviously WAS responsible, and the means by which the government decided it knew that are both obviously secret and mostly irrelevant now.) That said, your analysis would probably be closer to the mark if you actually understood Americans.

War with Europe? Laughable. Europe could not fight a war against the US, and European leaders do not have to wonder about that. Without US "cooperation," Europe can't even mount night operations in any useful way. Europe's industrial output still can't rival what the US could do under a rationing system, no matter how many pieces of little green paper move through the European economy yearly. The best of the European armed forces(probably the British,) are too small, and the rest are too useless; many of them have only a few men anywhere in them who've ever done anything but train or keep the peace. Perhaps most alarmingly for Europe, there is no guarantee that the UK wouldn't side with the US.

Furthermore, we have bases all around Europe that would remain loyal to us(genuinely or through fear,) and a navy that owns the oceans. Europe would have to struggle to find a way to even begin to attack the US mainland, whereas Europeans would be under bombardment and invasion from the get go.

BUT, that's all more than irrelevant, because the US isn't going to fight Europe. The US isn't even going to fight China, and China is a much higher probability(there are multiple reasonable scenarios under which that could happen, and none I can conceive of that would pit us against Europe.) US leaders know that US citizens by and large consider themselves to BE Europeans, and the ones who don't, while quite likely to be in the military, are not likely to have high rank.

Finally, a draft won't be imposed any time soon, for the simple reason that it won't be needed. In any scenario in which the US would contemplate losing hundreds of thousands of lives, it would also contemplate using its nuclear arsenal, and the simple fact is, any opponent on earth would back down as soon as they realized we were serious about that. Sure, Europe has some bombs. Carried on bombers, mostly. Largely incapable of reaching the US, and very likely to simply be shot down even if they did. On the other hand, the US can simply remove any region of the earth from the realm of existence, and nobody and nothing can prevent it.

I saw an interesting statistic the other day. Up until 1945, the death rate due to wars escalated steadily at an exponential rate. From 1945 on, it dropped worldwide to roughly one million and has stayed there ever since.

World war my ass.