Responsive WordPress Web Design

WordPress is the most popular content management system used for creating websites these days. It is estimated that more than 23% of websites online use WordPress. In other words, more than 60 million websites use WordPress. WordPress is easy to use, and it can be used to create any website including a blog, e-commerce site, an information website, portfolio website or another type of website.

Responsive WordPress Web Design

Almost everyone has a powerful computer in their pocket these days. Hundreds of millions of smartphones are sold all over the world each year, and one of the biggest changes brought upon by the smartphone revolution is that more people connect to The Internet on the go as compared to those using their desktop PC.

responsive wordpress web designIn simple terms, more people browse websites on their mobiles and tablets these days as compared to people who use their desktop PC. Therefore, it is important to make sure that your WordPress website looks as good on mobile as it looks on big screen desktop. Thankfully, it can be easily achieved with the help of high-quality, responsive WordPress web design.

In simple terms, responsive web design may be defined as a fluid layout that adjusts itself according to the screen size accessing the content. The screen size of the user’s device is determined by the website, and the display is adjusted to make sure that the web page looks as good on a mobile device as it looks on a desktop. Responsive design ensures that user can easily view, use as well as navigate the website on a mobile device.

Responsiveness of the webpage is not just limited to the page layout. The images are also resized to fit the changing dimensions and layout of the webpage, and it also includes featured as well as background images. The menus and other elements on the page are also reorganized and re-positioned to fit the smaller screens. This web design also incorporates mobile specific features such as tap to call and touch screen interfaces.

There are some advantages of investing in responsive design.

One of the biggest advantages is that it allows you to focus on a single website. In the absence of responsive design, you will need to maintain two websites, one for serving mobile traffic and other for desktop traffic. When you invest in responsive design, you just need to worry about one website as it will serve mobile users as well as desktop users.

When it comes to WordPress, achieving responsiveness is quite easy, especially if you’re starting from scratch. The market is full of high-quality, responsive WordPress themes. Also, there are some web designers who can design a unique looking responsive WordPress theme for your website.

However, if you want to convert an existing website WordPress website into a responsive website, you need to hire an experienced designer to make sure that everything looks great on small screens.

Overall, there are some advantages of responsive design. If you still haven’t moved your existing website to a responsive WordPress website, it is high time that you hire a designer and get going to benefit from the many advantages of responsive design.