The Pros and Cons of WordPress Websites

Our author today is Trish Riedel. She is a self confessed WordPress devotee and brilliant web designer from Streamshare Pty Ltd

WordPress has become one of the most popular platforms for businesses of all sizes and industries to boost online presence and and showcase content. Despite the many advantages of this platform, there are some drawbacks that should be considered in line with business plans and future projections.

To make a more enlightened decision on whether this platform is right for your business, following are some Pros and Cons of using the WordPress Platform.

The Pros of Using WordPress

Here’s What We Love about WordPress…

Simplified Content Management System

This is probably the primary reason anyone would choose a CMS for their business website. With a CMS (Content Management System) like WordPress, sites can be designed to manage and access images and all other content with ease.
After it has been set up, anyone who takes the time to learn can manage and update the site as needed.

Opportunities for SEO Integration

SEO is the deciding factor when it comes to online prominence in a niche, with all the consumers basing their decisions on online content the one with the best SEO is going to get the pick of the customers.Need to boost your spot on the Google Search Results?

WordPress provides all the plugins and insights necessary to get a feel for your demographic and how your site is appealing to them. With such insights marketing campaigns can be deftly adjusted for improved results. The strength lies in WordPress’ capacity to use third party links to site advantage.

E-Commerce Options

There are also many options that expedite setting up an online shop including all the shipping, ordering and shopping cart options. The integration is available in a variety that can suit the size and business of each company, additionally many of the services and applications are free.

Optimized for all Devices

The markets of today no longer access their online shopping stores from the comfort of their homes and offices via computer consoles, today there are tablets, smartphones and all manner of mobile options. It is essential that the online presence is pervasive throughout all devices and platforms if you hope to reach the largest demographic.

mobile friendly websites

The ability to have a company’s theme and message run seamlessly through all mediums where it will be accessed is key to online prominence, and WordPress is conducive to this type of publicity.

Blogging Features

Haven’t I mentioned? Yes, WordPress is a blogging engine although the ingenuity of the design has made it available for many other purposes. Company blogs are a versatile tool to gain authority, ascertain the effectiveness of other marketing measures as well as enhance SEO effort, and WordPress is a great blog engine to support it.

All the Big Name Brands are Using It

As your business grows and online preponderance, your WordPress site will exhibit surprising scalability and can deliver on the local and international markets with simplicity and consistent results. The fact that some of the largest companies in existence use this site as their public front is a testimony to this scalability.

Big Names include AMC, the entertainment company that brings us shows like the Walking Dead and Breaking Bad, Sony Music and Time Inc.

The Cons of WordPress

And some things to consider are…

Getting It Right Is Not Always A Cake Walk

Even though the content management tools provided by WordPress and other content management systems can be easy to use and interface with, you will end up with a site that looks just like everyone elses — the equivalent of online suicide. Making sure you have constructed your site to match and surpass the competition will be your primary task along with producing regular quality content to manage, content your demographic will find engaging.
Of course this will become increasingly easier the more you practice site management.

Regular Updates Are Needed

WordPress will make frequent updates and changes to its algorithms (to stay ahead of pirates and cyberpunks). It will be important to make regular updates appropriately to stay abreast with WordPress and keep your site at 100% functionality.

Guidance, Creativity, and Experience are Needed but Not Included

Even a flashy suite with regular updates and clever content can all fumble into a steaming mass of uselessness if not guided and launched into a concerted effort. This effort must then be regularly maintained and adjusted to keep progressing.

The most successful campaigns will be the ones that have the most time and resources invested in them; the good thing is that SEO has the highest ROI you could find in a publicity market. WordPress is highly conducive to improved SEO and can forward your efforts significantly in this regard.

In the End — WordPress is only a platform that provides online merchants with a decent spot to set up shop, the profitability of this shop will be entirely dependent on the creativity and ingenuity of the merchants.

Webmaster’s Note: Thanks for the article Trish. If anyone wants to see what Trish has been up to from a design point of view, check out her portfolio here.