Web Design and Development With WordPress

With as much as a quarter* of the web running on WordPress today, there’s no wonder many web designers & developers have specialised in designing and implementing themes for this popular content management system (CMS). There are several advantages of WordPress web design that make it superior to other solutions, as you are going to see in a moment. *27.3% according to w3techs.com.

Flexibility is one of the biggest benefits of WordPress. This CMS can be used to design any website. You can create a blog, a business website or an e-commerce site. You can create a business directory. You can power a sophisticated portal or a news site. Thanks to plugins and modules, these sites can be customised to match your needs and your preferences, no matter how odd.responsive wordpress web design

There may be other solutions for creating such complex internet sites. However, WordPress has the huge advantage of being extremely easy to implement and to use. Many other solutions require the presence of a web developer in your team, as every modification or new functionality requires some coding. With WordPress, you may not need to write a line of code for changing the layout of your website or for adding new functions. Modern themes include advanced design builders that enable users to alter the look of their website by using only drag and drop and by editing some boxes. Besides, thousands of plugins enable users to add more functions to their WordPress install. Many of these plugins are free, but this doesn’t make them less efficient. Some are premium, but the extra features they offer are worth the money. This is why developers like this system and choose to use it in their work.

This mix of simplicity and advanced features makes WordPress one of the most robust solutions for powering large websites. This system is thought to perform very well in search engines, this being yet another reason to choose it over other similar solutions. If you’ve ever tried to obtain SEO-friendly URLs in Joomla, you probably know how much better WordPress is from this point of view.

Last but not least, WordPress is an open source software. This means everyone can take it and use it for either free or commercial purposes, without having to pay a dime for it. Besides, web developers can access and alter the source code, thus being able to implement new functions and tweaks, should they prefer to do it this way rather than by installing a plugin. If you don’t believe it, just try it by yourself and see what you can achieve.