Local SEO Ranking Factors: Tips and Tricks

Local rankings are something that every physical business needs to consider. There are some factors that affect your rankings that you need to know about and amend to ensure you rank. This is important because local rankings only show the top 3 rankings on the main search results page. Local SEO expert topseobrisbane.com has been helping businesses with online marketing for over 8 years and provides the following information for businesses to consider…


One of the ranking factors Google uses is relevance. This relates to how well the information you have for your business matches what people are searching for. To ensure that you rank for relevance you need to have a description about your business that includes certain keywords that people might look for.

The keywords need to be included in the description of your business naturally. This means that you should not stuff in keywords that make the description hard to read. You should also include local keywords in the categories your business is assigned to.


Another factor that Google looks at is the distance of your business from the location of the person searching if they do not enter a location into their search. If a location is entered into the search the distance criteria shifts to whether or not your business is located in the targeted area. It is important that you have correct location information on your business listing and ensure that it is the full address.


The prominence factor used by Google relates to how well the business is known. Famous locations are more likely to rank in the local listings because people are familiar with the brand. Many people feel this is unfair as they would not be able to compete with famous brands. However, Google looks at information from across the internet when concluding prominence.

The information Google looks for includes articles and links to the business website. Review counts and scores are also factored into the prominence rating with more positive reviews improving the local ranking. The location of your website in organic search results is also included which means that SEO optimization is important.

Having Consistent And Complete Information

To rank well in the local listings, it is important that the information you have across the internet is consistent and complete (NAP consistency). Providing Google with bits of information about your business will hurt your rankings as the algorithms are unable to draw additional information for relevance, distance, and prominence. All the information you provide to Google needs to be correct and needs to be complete, so a partial address will not work.